Monday, March 30, 2009

Health & Wellness Advisory Committee meets with Credit Union

This morning, Gerry Hicks and Marianne Alexander from the Campobello Island Health and Wellness Advisory Committee met with Management of the Charlotte County Credit Union to discuss the proposed closure of the Campobello Branch. The Advisory Committee articulated the frustration over such a decision and was demanding answers and an explanation as to how they were able to rationalize their decision. The following letter was delivered and a follow meeting with senior Credit Union officials is in the works.

Gerry Hicks

Campobello Island Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

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March 30, 2009

Kathy Woodside, Senior Manager

Charlotte County Credit Union

73 Milltown Blvd, Suite 107

St Stephen, N.B. E3L 1G5

Re: Proposed Closure – Campobello Island Branch

Dear Ms Woodside

As Chairman of the Campobello Island Health and Wellness Advisory Committee and I am writing to express our unparalleled disappointment with your proposal to close the Campobello Island Branch of Charlotte County Credit Union. The committee and community at large have worked very hard over the past year to initiate positive, long-term changes targeted at enhancing overall quality of life, community programs and economic development. Your decision to close this particular branch runs contrary to everything we have been working towards.

Certainly, we understand that decisions are made in a business forum that are not always popular, however, the impacts to this community that reach well beyond being unpopular, they are unnecessary and unjust. The loss of jobs, absence of another financial institution, inconvenience of our transportation and mobility challenges and the everyday frustration of continually being marginalized as a community impacts us more severely.

A great extent of the frustration can be attributed to the lack of consultation with the members, residents and businesses of the community you serve with regards to your plans. This Credit Union was founded by residents who rallied the support of a community that was to be left without a financial institution. It has been owned by its resident members and provided a tremendous service to a community at a crucial time. We deserve better and would ask that you and your management team address the community to provide the rationale for your decision and the courtesy of answering our questions. We are entitled.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration, we look forward to speaking with you.


Gerry Hicks / Marianne Alexander

Chair / Co-Chair – Campobello Island Health and Wellness Advisory Committee

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