Saturday, September 27, 2008

Campobello Island Needs Assessment

The committee has been working with Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation on behalf of the community to deliver on the promise of conducting a Health and Wellness Needs Assessment for Campobello Island. The committee would like to invite ALL Campobello Residents to participate in the Action Planning Phases of our Needs Assessment being conducted in the months to come. It is important to remember that we are looking at Health and Wellness from all aspects of what adds or detracts from the quality of life for every resident.

FOCUS Groups (MAY 10 – 15) – Focus groups were conducted May 10 – 15 by Research Scientist, Dr. Verlé Harrop from the Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation. The sessions were designed to provide an open forum for smaller groups to provide their thoughts directly to the research team conducting the Needs Assessment on our behalf. Representation for these Focus Groups came from a cross-section of residents and focus on any issues that impact our quality of life. We want to ensure we have a voice in decisions being made that impact island life and we want to hear from you… Issues impacting Infants, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors, Chronic Disease Suffers, Caregivers, Environment, Community, Fitness, Recreation, Mobility as well as Health and Wellness will be open for discussion.

SURVEY (JUNE 18, 19 & 20) – The Advisory Committee and Research Team used the themes identified by the Focus Groups to develop a survey that was distributed to all adults, 19 years of age and older. We encouraged everyone to participate in the confidential and anonymous survey to ensure your opinions were heard. A vast majority (483 people) completed the survey to ensure the results represent the true picture of island life and provide and accurate portrayal of the current health and wellness situation on the island.

ACTION Plan (September 11) – The Health and Wellness Advisory Committee hosted a Health Fair to showcase over 35 Resources and Agencies available within Charlotte County. Additionally, a series of 5 Community Meeting to discuss the results of the survey and discuss action plans for the the themes of: Drugs, Community, Housing and Governance.